Welcome to Jiva Group

Jiva Group is an independent multi-disciplinary consultancy focusing on the Energy sector. With deep experience in the Canadian Energy Sector, combined with technical expertise, we are able to provide a broad range of project management, engineering and business focused consulting services – particularly when it comes to projects where bridging the gap between the financial and technical worlds is a key to success.

Beyond providing practical and effective solutions, we take pride in delivering results that exceed the expectations of our clients. Customer satisfaction is our priority and a significant portion of our value proposition.

The practice is anchored by Reena Sahney, P. Eng., MBA, with over 15 years experience in the energy sector both locally and internationally. Jiva's vision is guided by these principles:

  • Strong Relationships: Drawing upon a pool of long time associates to provide a range of services to our clients
  • Innovation: Having enthusiasm to engage with new ventures and bringing a creative perspective to existing organisations within the Energy Sector
  • Practical Decision Making: Building upon an Operations background as a means of ensuring sound project decisions and outcomes
  • Effective Knowledge Transfer: Ensuring that critical project information is conveyed successfully as a mechanism for practical implementation of project outcomes
  • Wholistic Solutions: Leveraging a broad base of experience to provide solutions that consider the technical as well as the practical and change management aspects of delivering a successful initiative