Pipeline Integrity Resources

Recently, controversy in the pipeline sector has been heightened by the Keystone and Northern Gateway Pipeline projects. This page is a growing collection of resources intended to provide accessible information for everyone involved in Pipeline Integrity or those affected by pipeline projects. Please Contact Jiva if you would like to contribute to this page.

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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pipeline Integrity
An essential guide that provides a common vocabulary for the most important aspects of pipeline construction, operations and maintenance.

Pipeline Design & Construction: A Practical Approach
A straightforward, practical techniques for pipeline design and construction.

Pipeline Operation & Maintenance: A Practical Approach
A guide to operation and maintenance of gas and liquid pipeline systems.

Pipeline Integrity Assurance: A Practical Approach
Technical information for those responsible for, the safety and integrity of pipeline systems.


Ewart: Response, responsibility and challenges of pipeline integrity


CEPA Pipeline Inspection Video
A pipeline inspection tool travels through a pipeline, to collect and analyze information.

Media Information:

Twitter Pipeline Integrity List
News on Pipeline Integrity, including Keystone and Northern Gateway Pipeline projects.

Quora Pipeline Integrity Q&A
Inquiries on the subject of Pipeline Integrity with questions and answers.

Science Media Centre of Canada Backgrounder on Pipelines
An introduction to the general topic of oil and gas pipelines.