Jiva's Success Stories

Jiva has provided a broad range of project management, engineering and business focused consulting services. Read about some recent projects Jiva Group's employees have been involved in:

North America
Product Manager for School of Energy – Technical College, Canada
The objectives for this role included building on the school’s current offerings to the energy sector in order to significantly increase both revenue and return on investment, from its “for profit” programs. The role encompassed facilitating the identification and assessment of both new and existing training and course offerings.

Development of Strategy for Unpiggable Pipeline Sections – Liquid and Gas Pipeline Feeder System, Canada
Design and development of a management system for “un-piggable” pipelines for a major oil and gas gathering and transmission system. The role also involved support for the execution of a pilot project based on the recommended approach.

Assessment of Maintenance Strategy for Major Power Generation Equipment
Project lead to rationalize corporate maintenance philosophies for major power plant rotating equipment (gas turbines). Use of risk based methods to assess commercial and technical implications of maintenance strategies (including long term Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service agreements). Project involved interaction with a wide range of stakeholders to assess views and build organisational alignment in an area requiring a significant change in the methodology used for investment decisions. Quantitative risk modelling methods were used to conduct the assessment.

Power Generation "Cost to Operate" Benchmarking Study, Canada
This study was conducted for an independent power producer with interests in natural gas transmission and power generation. Engagement focused on completing a benchmarking study of power generation operating costs. A review of industry literature regarding corporate performance in rate-regulated environments vs., unregulated environments as well as a brief review of market rates for selected corporate shared services was also undertaken. The three facets of the study were used to develop a compelling case for the company to undertake a review of how its power generation facilities are operated and supported through its corporate shared services structure.

Assessment of Market Entry Opportunity for the Production of “Green” Hydrogen, Canada
The client is an independent producer of EcoLogo® certified low-impact renewable energy.The project involved investigation of the potential to capitalize on development of the hydrogen economy through green hydrogen generation. This included market assessment as well as development and analysis of (potential) project financials with sensitivities to a number of elements of the cost structure as well as product pricing. A recommended path to market entry was developed and incorporated methods to address key project risks.

Benchmarking Study for UK Coal Fired Power Generation
This study was conducted for a consortium of six integrated utilities representing over 80% of the UK coal fired generation. The original study focused on 30 indicators spanning technical, financial and manpower related indicators but was expanded to provide tangible insight into coal fired operations. The study was unique in that it focused on the UK coal sector and provided very specific insight on UK plant performance, without generic data adjustments and modifications typically included in offerings from other organisations.

Energy Management Review
This review, for a UK public sector organisation, was part of its business transformation to a more commercially driven organisation, the client was reviewing its Energy Management practices. Energy represented approximately 10% of the organisation's annual spend and the Client hoped to realise significant cost savings which could then be reinvested in initiatives in other parts of the organisation. A key result of this project was the justification and hiring of a full time Energy Manager and the delivery of a plan to harvest significant value (in excess of 10% of spend) over three years.

Photo by Chris Roll